The performance of the KAGUZUCHI is created by using real fire.
To the eyes, it traces beautiful lines in the dark and leaves a visual impact.
On the skin, the hot air of the flame can be felt. In the ears, it sounds as if it slashes the air by the sound it makes. To the nose, the smoke comes out of the flame can be smelled. It overwhelms the five senses and it is almost undeniable not to get drawn into its world of fire. From the ancient times, fire has always been deeply connected to the human lives. It gives the brightness in the darkness. It protects and gives warmness to your skin. It sometimes drives evils away at rituals and ceremonies.The fire is the most primitive material to humans and has been the symbol of the mystic power. Using fire in the performance contains potentiality to move one's heart over languages, ages, sexes, cultures, nationalities, it takes you to the speechless world beyond all the boundaries.
The light performance is the companion of the fire performance.

This type of performance is suitable both for outdoor performances or
for indoor performances.

Different types of glow sticks such as LED, Cyalume, and Lumica are available.

Their luminous bodies radiate in many different colors of light such
as red, green, blue, purple, pink, etc. and they enable us to express
different types of performances without using the flame.

The cloths which react to blacklights are also used as well as thin
cloths like veils and they look beautiful with the stage lights effect.

Using these items create more mysterious and visionary performances.
A cloth itself doesn't radiate light as fire or as glow sticks.
It seems as if it's shining by itself by getting bathed in with the
sunlight or by showering the stage lights.

It is possible to perform outdoors even in the daylight or indoors by
using lame cloths or cloths with the material which react to black
lights or by using stage lights.
Contact juggling is a type of juggling which a juggler always keeps
contact with the body and the juggling tool.

In the performance of the Fire Bandit, crystal balls are frequently
used for the show.

It is easy to forget that crystal balls have gravity while they almost
look floating when they move so freely on the body and move in all
directions going from the palm to arm, to the shoulder, to the top of
the head, and sometimes to the leg.

By combining fire juggling and contact juggling(using crystal balls) ,
crystal balls beautifully project the flaring flame of the fire in
itself at night times.

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